The student experience

For me, learning to be on my own, 5000 miles from home, has been my greatest achievement. I had to learn to adapt to a new culture, new food, new words - new everything!

Holly Boothroyd

BSc (Hons) Computing and Information Technology

"The University of Surrey offered me an education that I could not find in America. It is a highly-ranked University with incredibly qualified staff and the Professional Training placement was an incredibly attractive offer as it has allowed me to bypass the common struggle of not having experience to get a job, but not being able to get experience because I don’t have a job. 

The employability rating of the University is fantastic. I attended an applicant day at Surrey and it was nice to meet the staff and see the campus and facilities more in-depth. It gets you excited and invested in the University. 

I have been playing video games since I was a very young child. It was trying to think about what would improve the gameplay that got me interested in the mechanics and how the game actually works. I have always been really interested in game development, and it gives me the best excuse to play games as well. After all, it is research!

I like to solve puzzles and, in my mind, that is exactly what programming is. It can be tiring and confusing, but the level of satisfaction that is granted when you figure the problem out and your code works is like nothing else. It is like being a magician of the 21st century. You are able to manipulate and control one of the most fundamental aspects of modern society. 

I have successfully established myself in a new environment and managed to maintain a first in all my classes.

The lecturers and supporting staff are on my programme are great. They are invested in your education and success, and I really appreciate how, unlike in America, the lecturers actually come to labs and grade your work. They know how well you are doing and what you need help with, making it a more personal relationship.

The University is in a prime location to get to town and outside of Guildford. There is plenty to do if you look for it. There is almost always an event to go to or a night-out to attend somewhere in Guildford. 

I have been able to get to know myself whilst being at Surrey. Leaving home has given me the opportunity to make decisions for myself and discover the best lifestyle for me."

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