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Choosing to study at Surrey was the best way for me to begin working towards my career as a Physician Associate.

Pahim Miah

PGDip Physician Associate

"I had always studied science-related subjects; from secondary school onwards. While initially my education started off research-based, I wanted to work in a more clinical and patient-based field, so Physician Associate studies were perfect for me.

The Physician Associate course at Surrey allowed me to use the skills I had already gained and to further extend my education, allowing me to work in a more diagnostic role related to patient-centered care. Surrey is a leading University in the UK with numerous resources and knowledgeable staff. Choosing to study at Surrey was the best way for me to begin working towards my career as a Physician Associate.

Although a lot of work must be put in, the course is extremely enjoyable as we cover various topics and learn clinical skills. We have also started placement in General Practice once a week which I am finding to be an invaluable experience. It is fascinating and rewarding to learn about the GP aspect of patient care, and I have learnt a vast amount from just that one day a week spending time with patients and other doctors. The combination of being taught by consultants, doctors and physician associates, and the placement experience in general, is an excellent way of learning and understanding patient care.

Since starting the course my teamwork, and even leadership skills, have developed greatly by working with other members of my course and also healthcare workers at my GP practice. My knowledge of medicine overall has also increased a great deal along with my clinical skills, such as medical examination skills.

The campus at Surrey is a beautiful scenic environment; perfect for stress-free relaxing strolls and there are excellent areas for reading. The Students' Union is also one of the top unions in the country, providing various activities and nightlife options. I also regularly use the gym and other facilities available at Surrey Sports Park, including a swimming pool and rock climbing wall.

Overall, the Physician Associate PGDip at Surrey is an amazing opportunity to work in a diagnostic and patient-centered role. I am excited and eager to continue extending my medical knowledge and to work as part of a team within the NHS to deliver holistic care."

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