Dr Thanassis Giannetsos

Research Interests

Dr Giannetsos is interested in various aspects of network security. His PhD research was focused on Security in Connected Smart Objects. Since then he has broadened his research interests to include the following topics:

  • Privacy Enhancing Technologies – Privacy by design, Privacy by Engineering, Privacy Design Patterns
  • Security and Privacy-Enhancing in Internet of Things technologies – Smart Environments, Mobile
  • Sensing, User-centric Architectures.
  • Privacy, trust and security in (mobile) networks. How mobile data thought to be unworthy of protection can be used to reveal and infer high sensitive information: user identities, habits, etc.
  • Reputation systems, privacy in decentralized environments, cloud computing and trusted computing.
  • Cryptographic Analysis (Cryptanalysis) & Malware Analysis – Reveal new possible weaknesses that can be exploited by adversaries in order to achieve better and more realistic security architectures.
  • Identity & Credential Management.

European/Research Projects:

Below is a list of European and other national projects that I am (was) involved in either as a Researcher or Primary Instigator:

  • AVESTA - Attacking Vehicular Communications: Road-Map towards Secure Intelligent Transportation Systems. EU FP7-PEOPLE-2011-COFUND Project. Research funding for 2 years (170,000€, 2 partners). Role: Primary Grant Holder.
  • PRESERVE - Preparing Secure V2X Communication Systems. EU FP7 Project. Research funding for 4 years (5,4 M€, 7 partners). Role: Researcher as member of the Networked Systems Security group in KTH Royal Institute of Technology.
  • SafeCity – Future Internet Applied to Public Safety in Smart Cities. EU FP7 Project (Budget: 5 Million Euros). Role: Researcher as member of the Algorithms & Security group in Athens Information Technology
  • LOTUS – Localization in Threat Substances in Urban Society. EU FP7/Security Project (Budget: 4.3 Million Euros). Role: Researcher as member of the Algorithms & Security group in Athens Information Technology

Contact Me

Phone: 01483 68 3037

Find me on campus
Room: 15 BB 02


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