Dr Jorden Whitefield

Research Interests

Security with a focus on Trusted Computing, specifically TEE's and Remote Attestation. I am interested in implementing secure systems, putting theory into practice. TEE's are relatively new within academia and I am interested to explore them further. This includes the formal verification of communication between the "normal" and "secure" worlds and to develop a framework to determine what personal data should be stored in the "secure" world. I am also interested in secure systems design and information security management.

Formal Methods looking at model checking dealing with the "State Space Explosion" for Classical B Machines. I work in collaboration with the University of Düsseldorf, creators of ProB and University of Twente creators of LTSmin. We have established a link between the two tools, and continuing the work to make the linking of the tools more robust.

Contact Me

Phone: 01483 68 2650

Find me on campus
Room: 34 BB 02

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