Trustworthy Voting Systems


Start date: 22 April 2009
End date: 21 April 2013


Governments all over the world are investing in electronic voting, but experiences in the USA and in the UK have shown that there are immense obstacles to be overcome before we can have secure and usable systems. The project aims to develop and implement robust voter-verifiable electronic voting systems that are usable in real large-scale elections. We will also conduct user-trials, and we will develop and extend techniques for analysis and verification of voting systems. To achieve these aims, we will work with the UK Ministry of Justice, which is charged with modernising UK elections, as well as two commercial election systems providers, namely Election Reform Services and Opt2Vote. We are also partnered with influential US organisations and individuals.


1. Develop and extend the design of robust voter-verifiable electronic voting systems.
2. Implement a system and conduct a user-trial.
3. Develop and extend techniques for analysis and verification of voting systems.


EPSRCĀ (EP/G025797/1)


Up to date publications and news can be found at the project website.

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