We are now only accepting applications for Mentor of Team Leader roles at Manor Park. If you are interested in the roles, and have not previously lived at Manor Park, you are still encouraged to apply.

Please read the recruitment information below and complete the Application Form:

Recruitment Information 2017-18 (138.12KB - Requires Adobe Reader) Job Purpose (Mentor-Team Leader) 2017-18 (173.45KB - Requires Adobe Reader) Application Form (Mentor-Team Leader) 2017-18 (101.86KB)

To find out more from a current Mentor's perspective please read the article below.  

The Perspective of a Student Life Mentor (101.12KB - Requires Adobe Reader)



Q: What vacancies are available?

A: Mentor and Team Leader positions for Stag Hill campus, Manor Park campus and Hazel Farm campus.

Q: Do I need to I live on campus?

A: Not necessarily. You must be living in a university court of residence OR must have previously lived in any university court of residence whilst studying at Surrey.

 Q: How often will I work?

A:  In Semester 1 Mentors work one evening shift between 18:00 and 21:00 + attend a 45min meeting per week.  In Semester 2 Mentors will work one shift + attend a 45min meeting once every two weeks until Easter.

 Q: Do I have to work during exams? 

A: No - You will not work during Revision, Exam or Reading weeks.

 Q: Will I get paid? 

A: Yes! Mentors get £8.04/hr*, Team Leaders will earn £8.70/hr* and you also accrue holiday pay on top of this. (*based on 2016/17 pay rates)

 Q : Is there any training?

A: All applicants need to be available for compulsory training between 17th to 21st September 2017. If you do not attend training you will not be able to be a Mentor.

 Q: When will I start?

A: Mentors start working from Welcome Weekend, the 23rd and 24th September 2017. 


Thinking of applying? Here's what some of last year's mentors had to say: 

“I think that it’s a really great thing to be able to help other people and really make a difference.” 

“I love the fact that this job is not mundane - you never know what you’re going to face when you walk into a flat!” 

“Organising socials are great fun and a nice break from Uni work!” 

“I feel really proud that I have gained people’s trust and respect over the year.” 

“Being a Mentor to a number of students has certainly built my confidence levels. Mentoring has given me a lot in terms of problem solving and knowing when to escalate situations”.