Personal Tutoring

The purpose of personal tutoring is to support taught students' academic, personal and professional development through an on-going personalised point of contact with the University. Personal tutor are usually trained members of staff who are aware of the University support network and can recommend action to students around their studies or associated matters which might impact them. By meeting once per semester personal tutors aid the continuing induction of students into the academic community, developing an understanding of learning and living in the University environment.

The outcomes of meetings are recorded by tutors on the SITS student record system e-vision web portal, then agreed by students. These notes become a source of record and optional referral for other professional services in support of your progression and achievement during your time at the University of Surrey.

The Code of Practice for Personal Tutoring sets out the framework for the roles and responsibilities of the University in this area, whilst 'Making the Most of Personal Tutor Meetings' summarises what you can expect and how to engage effectively.

Personal tutors can access further supporting resources via the links below:-

For general information on how to help students please see the Wellbeing leaflet, 'Concern for Others > What to do if you are concerned for others' @