Mature Learners Student Support

The University believes that mature students make an important contribution to University life through their range of experience and non-traditional qualifications.

Although they are treated no differently to younger students, there are some common concerns shared by mature students that can make their educational experience different. For many mature students – especially those who have not studied recently and who are juggling other commitments – there are particular challenges to face.

We have strong support networks to help each student cope with the demands of their degree programme, achieve their potential and enjoy their time with us.

During Welcome Week 2017 a successful Mature Learners Cafe was held on Friday 29th September, 10-12 in the Lower Concourse, Lecture Theatre.

Please see some information concerning Mature Student Funding on the following webpages:- Mature Students - University & Funding

If you have any questions about student support for mature learners, please contact Mrs Ruth McLeod, Student Support and Student Money Officer (01483 68 3816 or who will be able to direct you to the correct staff member or team to assist you.

Please find Childcare Grant information on the following link: