Showcasing sociology

Tuesday 20 February 2018 to Thursday 22 February 2018
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A week of events showcasing sociology, criminology and media.

The Department of Sociology, University of Surrey, has put together an exciting line-up of industry, academia and policy speakers for panels on cutting-edge topics in society, crime, and digital futures. Come, join us, for a week of showcasing sociology.

LGBT Panel

  • Di Cunningham, Chair, Pride in Football
  • LGBTphobia in Football - where next for fans?
  • Tuesday, 20th Feb, 1100-1200, 32 MS 01

Joint Enterprise Panel (focus on fighting injustice in the law) 

  • Gloria Morrison - Director of charity ‘Joint Enterprise Not Guilty by Association’
  • Tuesday 20th 12.30-2pm

Race and Ethnicity panel (Sponsored by Ethnic and Racial Studies

  • Chair: Martin Bulmer, University of Surret, with Karim Murji, University of West London and Shamsher Sinha, University of Suffolk
  • Wednesday 21st Feb - 4.30-7pm

Digital Futures Panel (Focus on Digital Tech, cyberbullying, digital schooling and PR careers)

  • Lauren Seager-Smith, Kidscape, London; Selina Nemorin, VIRT-EU, LSE; Joe Lamb & Toby Gray – Fever PR, London.
  • Wednesday 21st Feb – 12-1 pm, TB22

Stop Funding Hate Panel

  • Richard Wilson, Stop Funding Hate
  • “Stop Funding Hate: Mobilising consumer power to challenge harmful media coverage”
  • Thursday 22nd Feb 13.00-14.00 32 MS 03
Tuesday 20 February 2018

to Thursday 22 February 2018

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