Get Connected with ResNet

The Residents Network also known as ResNet provides fast and convenient Internet access direct to your University accommodation.

There are two types of ResNet service available to students - ResNet Wired and ResNet Wireless which have been specifically designed to meet the needs of University of Surrey residents.

About ResNet Wired 

The ResNet Wired service offers a wired only connection to the Internet via a ResNet socket which is located in every room in campus accommodation. This service is free and allows users to connect one device to the network with the option to connect up to three devices if you choose to use an unmanaged hub or switch.

If you need to connect more than one device students are recommended to use the ResNet Wireless Access Point which is provided in your University accommodation, you may also bring your own router. If you decide on this option your combined download speed will be limited to a maximum of 15Mbps (Megabits per second). You will be responsible for your device however you will receive network support from the IT Service Desk.

About ResNet Wireless

The ResNet Wireless service has been specifically tailored for University of Surrey residents and offers both a wired and wireless connection to the Internet via a pre-configured wireless access point.

Users of ResNet Wireless can enjoy a range of benefits including the option to connect in excess of ten devices. 

In order to access the ResNet Wireless service you must plug in and use the ResNet Wireless Access Point which will be in your room when you arrive. 

Your ResNet Wireless Device

The ResNet Wireless device is easy to use, provides a fast wireless access for devices in your room and is fully supported by the IT Service Desk for the duration of your stay in University accommodation. This means if you ever have any problems with your device or getting online you will be able to contact a ResNet Advisor to visit you at your residence and assist with any issues you may have.

All devices have a one year warranty from the start of the academic year, this covers replacement and repair of your device at no cost. Full details can be found in the ResNet Terms and Conditions

Device Features:

  • Pre-configured device specifically tailored for University of Surrey residents
  • Up to 45Mbps (megabits per second) download speed
  • Free for University of Surrey residents
  • Hassle free plug-and-play set up
  • Ability to connect all your devices including laptops, smartphones, tablets & games consoles
  • High quality experience when video streaming or gaming online
  • x4 Ports for wired devices
  • Fully supported device with ResNet support direct to your room

Setting up your ResNet Wireless Access Point 

Your ResNet Wireless Access Point will be in your room when you arrive ready for you to set up and use. To get started follow the instructions in the ResNet Wireless Quick Guide.

Getting help with ResNet 

If you are experiencing problems connecting to ResNet there are a dedicated team of ResNet Advisors available to assist you and get you back online. Whether you need help to configure your computer, ensure your machine is compatible with ResNet or investigate any ResNet faults, our ResNet Advisors will be able to help.

To arrange for a ResNet Advisor to visit you in your room (available Monday to Friday from 5pm to 8pm) you will need to complete a ResNet Form available from your Court Reception.   If you live in Hazel Farm, you will need to call +44(0)1483 68 9898 to complete a form over the phone.

Acceptable Use Policy

By using ResNet you will be considered to have agreed to abide by the rules stated in the ResNet Terms and Conditions so please take a few minutes to read them.

Useful Documentation

ResNet Wireless:
Quick Start Guide

ResNet Wired:
Setting up ResNet Wired on Mac OS X
Setting up ResNet Wired on Windows 8/8.1
Setting up ResNet Wired on Windows 10/10.1

ResNet Use: 
ResNet Terms and Conditions 
ResNet Device Replacements