Asperger Syndrome

Asperger syndrome is on the autistic spectrum and people with this condition may have difficulty with social interaction and making new friends and can encounter difficulty understanding or talking about their feelings and needs. 

Many students with Asperger syndrome are taking the opportunity to study at university, but the university lifestyle can pose a number of challenges, so accessing support can often help.  

If you have Asperger syndrome /autism, then we would encourage you to contact the ALS department now, so that we can discuss with you the type of support which may help you in your studies and in your University life.  When attending your initial appointment with a disability advisor, please bring along your assessment report and needs assessment report, if you have one.

Types of support could include; 

  • Liaison with academic and support staff to help you settle into your new life without too many difficulties
  • A student helper who can meet and talk with you, on a regular basis
  • Examination adjustments
  • Support with applying for the Disabled Students’ Allowances (DSA)
  • Mentoring one to one support to assist you with time management and organisational skills

ALS currently run an induction programme for new students with Asperger syndrome/autism.  

Students attending the programme are invited to the University 3 days before the start of the induction week.  They are mentored by a small team of volunteers who help them to familiarise with the campus facilities, key staff and services.  The students are also invited to take part in a programme of social activities on campus and the local area.

Other support available includes the student led Asperger Society and the University Wellbeing Centre. 


It is extremely important that you come and see us as soon as possible if you need examination adjustments, as there is a deadline date for submission.   Please do not leave it until the deadline date - that may be too late.