Medical Conditions

Students with medical conditions, (e.g. M.E. Crohn’s Disease, epilepsy, HIV, cancer, diabetes) that might have an impact on living and studying are encouraged to disclose this information to Additional Learning Support.  

We recommend that you discuss your support needs with a disability advisor as early as possible, so that support can be put in place before or at the beginning of your course.

Please bring in evidence of your condition.  All information is treated confidentially and is only passed on to others who need to know, and only with your consent. 

Before meeting with a disability advisor, you might want to think about how your condition affects your studies, and what you need. You may want to consider;

  • if specific examination arrangements would be helpful
  • if you need to be absent on occasions, how this will be managed
  • do you need... 
    • adapted accommodation
    • support with shopping or laundry
    • specific equipment, such as a small fridge to keep medication. 
    • support in the library, such as the fetch and collect service or extra borrowing time
    • support with campus based activities

We also suggest that you alert the Medical Centre at the University about your condition.

It is extremely important that you come and see us as soon as possible if you need examination adjustments, as there is a deadline date for submission.  Please do not leave it until the deadline date - that may be too late.