Students with Mobility Issues

Additional Learning Support welcomes students with mobility issues. Generally most buildings are accessible to wheelchair users, but the University is located on a hill which poses some access issues. 

If you have a mobility issue, please contact Additional Learning Support as early as possible for an appointment with a disability advisor, so that we can set up support to help you settle into your studies easily. This is very important if your needs are significant and if you wish to live in campus accommodation

Please bring in any medical evidence. All information is treated confidentially and sharing of information is done on a need to know basis and only with your consent. 

Support for students with mobility issues could include the following:

  • adapted rooms are available both on campus and at our new halls of residence, located a short distance from the campus.  For more details, please contact ALS or the Accommodation Office
  • If you are a blue badge holder, then you may be able to park on campus in a variety of locations
  • Funding for academic support is via the Disabled Students' Allowances (DSA) and this can include access to technology, non-medical helpers and funding for travel
  • Funding for care support is via your own Social Services.  If you need this type of support we will need to liaise with your existing Social Services department to put support in place.This can take time and early contact with ALS is essential. We currently use Volunteering Matters to assist with care support, which could be an option for you.
  • Examination adjustments

It is extremely important that you come and see us as soon as possible if you need examination adjustments, as there is a deadline date for submission. Please do not leave it until the deadline date - that may be too late.