Specific Learning Difficulties

Dyslexia and other specific learning difficulties (SpLD)

If you have a specific learning difficulty (dyslexia/dyspraxia) you should contact Additional Learning Support to make an appointment with a disability advisor. Please bring along your current assessment report (if you need to be re-assessed we will refer you to an assessor).  Evidence should meet the criteria of the Higher Education SpLD Guidelines

Spld Guidelines (110.72KB - Requires Adobe Reader)


It is extremely important that you come and see us as soon as possible if you need examination adjustments, as there is a deadline date for submission.  Please do not leave it until the deadline date - that may be too late.

The disability advisor will help you set up your support within the University and if you haven't done so already, help you apply for the Disabled Students' Allowances (DSA) which will allow you to access other support.


Support for Dyslexic Students

The University offers a range of support for dyslexic students. Support may include;

  • Study skills support
    • Time management
    • Writing academic essays/assignments/reports 
    • Revision and examination strategies
    • Reading strategies
    • Help with organisation of work
    • Effective use of specialist software, such as 'Read&Write' and 'Inspiration'
  • Liaison  with your personal or academic tutors to discuss your particular learning needs
  • Appropriate examination adjustments (extra time/scribe/reader/ use of computer) 

All information is treated confidentially and will only be shared with your consent.

If you think you might be dyslexic...

If you think you might be dyslexic, the first step is to arrange an appointment to see a disability advisor for a screening. If the screening interview suggests that you should have a full diagnostic assessment, then you will be referred to an Educational Assessor. 

Assessment Procedure

The full  assessment is funded primarily by the University, but we ask the student for a £100 contribution fee.  On receipt of the fee, you will be given  details of an independent educational assessor for you to contact to arrange an appointment.  Please note that if you fail to turn up for the appointment or give inadequate notice you could be liable for the full cost of the assessment.