1 to 1 Learning Support

You can have 1 to 1 learning support tutorials with a specialist SpLD tutor provided you have appropriate funding.
(For home students these are generally funded by the DSA or NHS; international students have an allocated fund.)

What is 1 to 1 learning support?
* We help you develop study skills and provide support that will help you to get the most from your course.
o We will focus on strategies that will make your learning easier and more effective
* We offer support according to individual needs
o You can decide when, and how often, to access help (as long as it is agreed by your needs assessment).
Some students have ongoing regular tutorials whilst others choose to come for support as need arises during their course.

We offer support with:
o Time management and organisation
o Planning and managing essays/assignments/reports
o Academic writing skills (including referencing)
o Reading strategies
o How to take notes in lectures
o Revision and examination preparation
o How to research information and make notes
o Dissertations/projects
o Giving presentations
o How to improve your concentration
o How to use your assistive technology (TextHelp, Inspiration, Dragon)
o Development of literacy skills

Contact Jo on 01483 689609 or email us on als@surrey.ac.uk to set up an appointment.