Extracurricular study

Alongside your usual studies, we also offer free extracurricular courses in sustainability, languages and employability to enhance your employablity prospects.

Global Graduate Awards

The Global Graduate Awards are a series of free extracurricular courses unique to the University of Surrey. They are available in both languages and sustainability. 

Your chosen award will be taken alongside your course of study, providing an excellent opportunity to expand your horizons and enhance your employability and will appear on your final transcript.

Delivered by specialists from across the University and beyond, a Global Graduate Award will enrich your university experience.


Add an international element to your university experience with our Global Graduate Award in Languages. There are currently 11 languages on offer, from Arabic to Spanish. With a variety of levels available, you can learn a new language or continue with one you don't want to forget.


Our Global Graduate Award in Sustainability will improve your understanding of the world we live in. On this course you will gain an in-depth understanding of a wide range of issues affecting the sustainability of our planet.

Employability Award

Our Employability Award will teach you the skills you need to stand out in the employer selection process for internships, placements and graduate-level jobs. It will enhance your employability and build your confidence as you enter the world of work.