Your faith and belief

Faith and Belief at the University of Surrey

The University of Surrey is a vibrant multi-faith, multi-cultural community and a wonderful place to learn, teach and grow. People of every kind of faith and belief are respected for all they bring to University life.

For many, if not all, it will be a faith or belief perspective that makes sense of things and gives shape, meaning and direction to life.

Life at Surrey gives an opportunity for the expansion of horizons, new experiences, discovery and exploration. Some may wish to do this through faith and belief societies and/or through connecting with chaplains from different faiths.

Chaplaincy at the University Of Surrey

University Community
Recognising the dignity of every human being, the University Chaplaincy exists to support the faith and belief aspects of the life of members of the University community, students and staff.

What Chaplains do
Chaplaincy offers the provision of worship and spiritual practices, one-to-one pastoral care and the promotion dialogue and peaceful co-existence between people of different faith and belief. We serve all confidentially, discreetly and non-judgmentally.  

Who chaplains are
Chaplains are representative practitioners who, true to their own faith or belief, engage openly and honestly with those of all faiths and none. Chaplains are currently drawn from the following faith communities: Buddhist, Christian (Anglican, Methodist/URC, Orthodox [Greek], Roman Catholic), Hindu, Jewish, Muslim and Sikh.

You can find out more about particular chaplains listed by faith community on the left hand side of this page.

Chaplains come as a ‘gift’ from our faith communities to the University. They are not paid by the University but are part of it and in different resourcing ways they are supported by it.

When Chaplains are available
Some Chaplains are full time, some are part time: availability and contact details can be found here