Greek Orthodox Chaplain

Father Christodoulos Christodoulou is the part time Greek Orthodox Chaplain to the University.

He can be contacted anytime at

Tel: 020 7228 4278  or M: 07595 531 523

Father Christodoulos' role is primarily a pastoral one amongst our students and staff, this may be in times of any need to share your joy, sadness, crisis and or celebrations. It may also involve advice and spiritual direction on orthodox Christian teaching and reflection.
Father Christodoulos is married with two children and to date serving as the priest in charge of the Greek Orthodox Community of Saint Nectarios in Battersea South London.
He will be instructing monthly services (both sacramental and praise prayer) in our beautiful Cathedral using the Lady’s Chapel.
We know that father Christodoulos is very happy to support those from different churches and perspectives in their faith journey during the time at university.