We offer a range of modular undergraduate programmes both at BSc and MChem level.

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Chemistry at Surrey

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A: A-Level Mathematics is not a requirement. Students are placed in two streams for Mathematics lectures in their first year, depending on whether they took A-Level Mathematics at school.

A: Yes. If you achieve AAA, we will give you the option to register for MChem from the beginning of your course. If you achieve AAB, then you will be initially registered for BSc. If then you are able to achieve an overall average of 60% or above by the end of the first year of your BSc degree, you will have the option to switch over to the MChem programme.

A: One day a week in the first and second year. Projects undertaken during the year in industry range from involving mostly lab work to mostly computational work/software development. The final-year research projects are mostly lab-based, however there are several computational/theoretical chemistry projects available.

A: 20-25 hours

A: The placement year is compulsory for MChem degrees and optional for BSc degrees. However, we encourage all our students to take advantage of our placement year.

A: Yes. We currently have placement opportunities in Canada, Japan, Switzerland, Germany and New Zealand.

A: Yes

A: As from 2014, the fee for all students (UK, EU, and Overseas) will be £1050. This covers the administration by the university in facilitating a placement and the academic visits during the placement.

A: Yes. The salary varies from company to company, but the average is around £17000, paid over two tax years.

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