Our department continues to invest in the development of a suite of flexible, multi-use, experimental facilities and other specialist resources to facilitate the range of activities within our research portfolio.

What we have to offer

We offer modern facilities in many areas including:

  • Materials and Structures laboratory for the manufacture and assessment of structural elements, including mechanical testing suite with static/fatigue capacity from 1 N to 1000 kN at size scales of 1 mm to 5 m in tension / compression / flexure
  • SAGE (Surrey Advanced Geotechnical Engineering) Lab is a geotechnical testing facility to carry out advanced laboratory testing of soils and scaled model tests of geotechnical problems.
  • The WHO collaborating Centre for Environmental Health Engineering and the Robens Centre for Public and Environmental Health addressing water quality and associated health issues around the globe
  • Wind tunnel facilities for pollution dispersion modelling and measurement with specialist equipment to characterise nanoscale contaminants
  • The Air Quality Lab, a world-class air quality monitoring facility
  • Support from a team of technical and research staff.

Take a virtual tour

In 2019, the University of Surrey invested over £6.5m in new and upgraded facilitates in the Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences (FEPS). This video explores some of the areas that benefited from this investment, including advanced teaching facilities for geotechnics to offer hands-on learning and a £450,000 investment in the Geotechnics and Geology Laboratory.

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