Welcome to the Department of Computer Science.

We are an active department within the Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences, with 21 academic staff and around 400 students at all levels from undergraduate through to PhD.

Get involved

Study with us

Our undergraduate and masters courses are stimulating and challenging with a high level of practical content. We are constantly exploring the use of new technology in lectures, such as Poll Everywhere, to support greater interactivity, accessibility, and enjoyment of lectures. Find out more about studying with us.

Our outreach programme

We organise extra-curricular activity for those who want to explore other aspects of computing in more depth, while we support local schools and colleges to bring some of the exciting aspects of computing to school pupils. Get in touch if you would like to know more about activities we run.

Collaborate with us

We are always looking for industrial partners who can benefit from early access to our academic research by supporting one of our PhD students, or Knowledge Transfer Partnerships where we can help your business grow using our knowledge and expertise. Find out more about collaborating with us.

Recruit our students

Our undergraduate students have the option to take a Professional Training placement as part of their studies, so we are always looking for new businesses for our students to work with for up to 12 months. Find out more about recruiting our students for a placement.

Professional recognition

Many of our academics have been elected with the highest level of membership as a fellow within a professional society. We also have members of technical committees, executive committees and working groups, as well as scientific associations. Some of our academics also serve on editorial boards and are co-editors-in-chief of international journals.