Business opportunities

We have excellent links with business and industry, and we are keen to develop and extend these.

At the research level we are involved with industry in a number of ways, including collaborative research projects, consultancy, and PhD student projects with an industrial element typically structured as CASE awards.

We support undergraduate student placements in a wide range of companies in their Professional Training Year, and encourage an industrial angle in undergraduate and masters projects.

For continuing education, we offer bespoke Continuing Professional Development courses. Find out more about what we offer:

Many students at the University of Surrey take a Professional Training Year between their second and final year as an Industrial Placement. This provides invaluable experience and training for students during the course of their degree. It also provides an opportunity for employers to attract excellent students to work for them for a year, many of whom return to their placement employers following completion of their degree.

Employer participation in the placement year can play a role in corporate graduate recruitment strategy. Professional placements typically run for 12 months, from summer to summer. We run a Professional Training Support Office, which manages the liaison with placement companies and students, and advertises placement opportunities to our undergraduates.

Recruitment cycle

The recruitment cycle starts in October, and runs through to June.  Many of our best students find placements early so it is beneficial to get in touch in good time.


Mark Manulis, Professional Training Senior Tutor

Stephanie Evans, Professional Training Support Office

 +44 (0)1483 686135

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Industrial CASE studentships are collaborative PhD projects.  They are funded primarily by EPSRC, with additional support and involvement from an industrial partner.  CASE studentships provide an excellent opportunity for industry to access academic research and transfer knowledge over a sustained period, in a cost-effective way.

We are currently involved in several Industrial CASE projects, with a range of partners.  These provide our industrial partners with early access to our research developments as they emerge, and enable us to strengthen and widen the applicability of our research.

Our previous successful experience means that we are keen to become involved in further CASE partnerships.  If there are any areas of our research relevant to you that could be developed into a PhD project, then we would be interested to hear from you.


To discuss getting involved with us in a CASE studentship, contact our Director of Postgraduate Research.

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A Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP), supported by a Government grant, provides the opportunity for business to benefit from academic expertise and research through the placement of an Knowledge Transfer Associate. The associate, typically at graduate level, is employed on a project within the company, jointly supervised by company personnel and by the academic partner. The project, which is of direct benefit to the business, provides a focus for the transfer of knowledge, skills, and expertise.

The Department of Computing has a track record of involvement in KTP projects, and is currently engaged in several with industrial partners. We are keen to maintain this form of collaboration with industry, and our experience in this area makes us a natural partner to consider. If you have a particular project that you believe could benefit from our research expertise, then we will be happy to discuss opportunities. Find out more about KTPs on the government's website.


To discuss getting involved in a KTP, contact us:

Current Projects

Ilutra Systems Ltd. A KTP to re-engineer and develop the existing i-TRAK service to incorporate RFID (Radio Frequency Identification), streamline the existing service, improve reliability, security and customer experience.

CD02, London. Developing self-tuning algorithms to strengthen CDO2's pricing and risk analysis technology, making more effective use of Grid computing to increase revenue and improve market penetration and share.

Lhasa Ltd. A KTP to research and develop new algorithms to enhance expert system software for the prediction of toxicology and metabolism.

Surrey Wildlife Trust. Using business process re-engineering and IT technology to transform the business base of the Trust and enable it to engage effectively with its membership and the wider community.

Our undergraduate and masters students pursue a major project during their degree. These projects can be in any area of Computing and IT, and a number of our students carry out an applied project of interest to an industrial partner. All members of academic staff in the Department supervise projects, so there is a wide range of expertise to draw on.

Undergraduate placement students will often take up projects which follow on from their placement activity. These are of direct relevance to the company and build on the existing relationship between the student, the supervisor, and the relevant company personnel.

Companies also approach us with ideas for projects, which can be made available to undergraduate or masters students via the Department projects lists.

If you would like to discuss the opportunities for setting up student projects, please feel free to get in touch.


Department undergraduate and MSc Projects coordinator: Lilian Tang.

Contact any member of academic staff, particularly if you already have links with them, about your project idea.