Department of Computer Science

Research Group: Secure Systems

The Group's main research activities are around different aspects around how to make computer systems securer while keeping other desired features (e.g. usability). All members of the Group are Core Members of the Surrey Centre for Cyber Security (SCCS), and their research cover all the six research themes of SCCS: Security Through Hardware, Trusted Computing, Privacy and Authentication, Secure Communications, Multimedia Security and Forensics, Human Factors. SCCS is also managed by members of the Group: Prof Steve Schneider as Director, Dr Mark Manulis and Dr Shujun Li as Deputy Directors.

In addition to the key research activities around cyber security, members of the Group also work on other foundational and related technologies which support our cyber security research but can also enable research in a broader context. Such foundational enabling technologies include formal methods, multimedia signal processing, human-computer interface, digital forensics and crime investigation, mobile computing, machine learning, data analytics, information retrieval, etc.

One of the major highlights of the Group's past successes in applying cyber security research into real world is the EPSRC-funded Trustworthy Voting Systems project, which led to real-world deployment of an e-voting system in Australia's Victorian State election in 2014. Below is a short film on this work coordinated by Prof Steve Schneider, the PI of the project. Click here see more details about this line of research.


Group Head: Prof Steve Schneider

Research themes

Visitors from China please click here to view the same video on YouKu.