Department of Mathematics

What our students say

Rich Watts (MMath)

Rich Watts

"One of the best things about the department is the approachability of the lecturers. They are always available, and more often than not, can offer advice on any issues, whether they are associated with your course or not! It is a department of which you feel a part, not only as a student, but as a person as well."

(Rich spent a year as a sabbatical officer of the Students' Union. He then returned to the Maths Department and has recently finished his MPhil)

Erica Denman (BSc)

Erica Denman

"After taking two years off from maths I had a few problems to start with, but with help from the lecturers and the student-friendly atmosphere throughout the department, I managed to succeed at Surrey. The modular based course allows students to follow those subjects they find interesting and spreads the study load well through the year. I spent a fantastic four years here!"

Andy Chan - MMath with Professional Training Year (Year 3)

I am currently in my second year studying for MMath with a professional training placement. I chose to come to the University of Surrey because of the reputation of their professional training year; it was also one of the first Universities I found that promoted their Mathematics Society on their department page. The department offers a lot of support and guidance to students who want help or are interested in knowing more about the subject they’re studying. The university in general has an amazing atmosphere; I’ve joined a number of societies and am also on the committee of both Badminton (Treasurer) and the Mathematics Society (Vice-President).

I love Mathematics, the complexity of the subject ignites my passion, and seeing the lecturers demonstrate their passion for their job and subject is truly inspirational. I particularly enjoy studying Calculus in my degree. I’m interested in how this topic can be applied to problems from our everyday lives, and how something which appears so simple can actually be very complicated. I would definitely recommend University of Surrey to prospective students, as each faculty offers a unique degree experience and the campus itself is amazing.

Carl Bird (BSc)

"After A-Levels I came to Surrey as a fresh-faced young student, eager for a taste of university life. I chose Mathematics at Surrey because of the variety and flexibility of the courses. The opportunity for me to spend time in industry as part of my course and to get some "hands on" experience was another major factor. One advantage of Surrey is that university accommodation is guaranteed for the first year students. Another is that the relatively small campus provides for a relaxed and friendly place to study and live.

My time in industry was spent with SmithKline Beecham Pharmaceuticals where, as part of the Statistics and Data Management Department, I analysed data from clinical trials. It was during this period and in my Final Year that I decided to continue my studies at Surrey. So now I am not so fresh-faced and working towards my PhD on chaotic dynamical systems."

Vathany Navaratnasingam (BSc)

"I am from Sri Lanka and studied on the Mathematics and Computing Science degree. Before coming to Surrey I took the Foundation course, which I enjoyed very much. I was really pleased to do well on this and it gave me a good preparation for my degree studies. Surrey was my first choice, not just because of the courses available, but I was attracted by the environment of the University and the surrounding countryside. The opportunity to do Professional Training was also important for me.

It did not take long to settle down on campus and I made many friends here, some of them from Sri Lanka. My lecturers and tutors were very helpful and interested in my progress. I was very happy with my course and my year of Professional Training."

James Buller (BSc)

"I came to Surrey following my A-Levels. I opted for a degree in Maths and Computing as it promised to teach an excellent mix of skills, vital for today's technology-driven world. The opportunity to work in industry for a year was what made Surrey stand out.

The flexibility of the modular course structure meant I could always study what I found interesting. The common first year for all Maths students provides a great group for friendship and support, and makes it possible to alter course.

No such change was necessary as I entered the second year with ever increasing enthusiasm. The wide range of study topics on offer broadened my horizons and deepened my knowledge considerably. The friendliness and "open door" policy of lecturers ensures there is always someone around to answer your questions.

The department puts a lot of effort into finding students good jobs for their placement year. I was offered jobs by two companies. I chose to work for IBM, a prestigious name to have on a CV if there ever was one.

At IBM I was in charge of developing websites for large investment banks in the City of London. As well as the general experience of working, I was trained by IBM in a number of professional fields. It was an invaluable 12 months and translated into an unrivalled 98% employment record for Surrey graduates.

Of course university is not solely about studying. There are endless ways to become involved and gain new skills. I became a Course Rep, was webmaster of the Maths and Computing Society and "parented" new first years. In the wider community of the University I wrote for the students' newspaper and did many other activities.

Facilities at Surrey University are excellent. It is well-placed in Guildford and for access to London. The chances to learn, better yourself and have fun at Surrey and in Maths Statistics & Computing are limitless."

Emma Parker- BSc (Year 3)

The University of Surrey didn't feature in my original plans, however when I was offered a place on the BSc Mathematics course through clearing it worked out better than I could have hoped, especially as Surrey was higher in the league tables for Maths than my insurance offer.

I’ve been incredibly fortunate in the opportunities that have been available to me on this course, and have been able to work with some really talented staff and students.

Due to some significant personal circumstances I learnt how supportive the staff can be and how invaluable the personal tutors are.  In the past year I was an academic representative and I was also asked to represent all the undergraduate students on a committee for the Department’s Athena Swan application, which promotes women in the sciences.

The role of both committees is to highlight good practises and to work to ensure the Department is a great environment for everyone, both faculty and students. I have been able to give some feedback that helped influence some changes in the degree programme that genuinely improved things for the students.

Throughout my degree I’ve built good relationships with lecturers which means I feel comfortable approaching them to ask for help, which they are more than willing to offer, outside of lectures, if I have any problems.

All this has given me a greater insight into my modules and helped me to get the most out of my degree.  I enjoy how so many of the modules link together giving a more in-depth understanding, and this means you get to see how all the different areas of Maths are connected to each other.  Something I’m looking forward to as I enter my final year is that I was able to choose all my modules to tailor my degree to the topics I enjoy most.  In the second semester I’m taking the Mathematics Education module with means I get to go into a secondary school every week and get some valuable experience in teaching, which I’m very excited about.

My time at Surrey has taught me that it was a mistake to overlook the University as it really has a lot to offer and I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here so far and am looking forward to my final year.