Fluids, Meteorology and Symmetry Group

Fluid Dynamics is the study of fluid motion (liquids, gases, and plasmas) and the forces exerted by the fluid on its surrounding.

Our group uses techniques such as asymptotic methods and large scale numerical simulations to model flows, along with more geometric ones such as geometric mechanics for example to model various types of flows.

The types of geometries that are encountered in the problems studied by this group include differential, symplectic, Kähler, algebraic and discrete.


The themes from this group range from fluid stability problems and vortex modelling on both small and large scales to the study of conservation laws and geodesic flows. Fluid dynamics applications of these research themes include predicting weather and climate systems, modelling turbulence, investigating fluid transport problems, modelling complex fluid flows and plasma modelling.

Further geometric mechanics applications are to the stability, bifurcations, dynamics and numerics of Lagrangian and Hamiltonian ODEs and PDEs, to non-Hamiltonian perturbations.

The group includes academics who are involved in cross-disciplinary research projects such as environmental fluid flows (with the Centre for Environment and Sustainability) and data assimilation in weather prediction (with the National Centre for Earth Observation).

Research areas

The group's research areas include:

  • Water waves
  • Environmental fluid dynamics
  • Hydrodynamic stability
  • Lagrangian and hamiltonian dynamics
  • Geometry
  • Symmetry and conservation laws.

Research application

The applications of the group's research include the following:

  • Complex Fluids (Tronci)
  • Fluid Transport (Bridges, Turner)
  • Multiscale Analysis (Cheng)
  • Plasma modelling (Tronci)
  • Turbulence (Turner)
  • Wave Energy Extraction (Bridges, Turner)
  • Wave Motion, Interactions and Stability (Tomkinson)
  • Weather and Climate modelling (Cheng, Roulstone).

Postdoctoral Fellowships

There are several external funding sources through various funding agencies (e.g. the EPSRC and STFC). Visit our Doctoral College site for more information.

PhD applications

The group is currently accepting PhD applications. Take a look at our mathematics, fluids, meteorology and symmetry studentship.

Our people

Academic staff

Research staff

Teaching staff

PhD students

  • Ms Rebecca Atkinson
  • Mr Timothy Burchell
  • Mr Nicholas Burgess
  • Mr Sean Cleator
  • Mr Alex Close
  • Mr Michael Foskett
  • Mr Donal Harkin
  • Mr Dan Hill
  • Mr Ying Huang
  • Mr Thomas O'Neill
  • Mr Andrew Oxley


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