All seminars commence at 1500 h in Room 40AA03


22 January 2019          Flow Control Techniques in S-Shaped Ducts

                                    Professor Konstantinos Kontis, University of Glasgow

29 January 2019          Nano Risk and the Environment

                                    Dr Sophie Rocks, University of Surrey


Spring Semester 2019

 5 February 2019         Development and Application of High Fidelity Spectral/HP Element Methods for High Reynolds Number Complex Geometry Flows

                                    Professor Spencer Sherwin, Imperial College London

12 February 2019        Multidisciplinary Computational Aerosciences

                                    Dr Andrea Da Ronch, University of Southampton

19 February 2019        Real-Time Flow Simulation of Indoor and Outdoor Urban Environments

                                    Dr Amirul Khan, University of Leeds 

6 March 2019             TBA

                                   Dr Sebastian Timme, University of Liverpool

12 March 2019           Sensors Made to Measure

                                    Dr David Birch, University of Surrey

26 March 2019           High Fidelity Numerical Simulation of Unconventional Aircraft:

Current Capabilities and Future Trends

                                    Professor George Barakos, University of Glasgow

2 April 2019                Localisation, Characterisation and Identification of Localised Nonlinearity

                                    in Structural Dynamics        

                                    Dr Hamed Khodaparast, Swansea University

9 April 2019                Novel Computational Fluid Dynamics Methods for Multi-Physics Problems and Future Computers

                                    Dr. Rene Steijl, University of Glasgow

30 April 2019              On the Benefits of Backward Thinking:

                                    A Few Ways to Compute and use Adjoint Sensitivities

                                    Dr Jens-Dominik Müller, Queen Mary University of London

7 May 2019                 Signal Processing for Next Generation Wearable Devices

                                    Dr Alex Casson, University of Manchester

14 May 2019               Unsteady Lift Generation at Low Reynolds Numbers

                                    Professor Holger Babinsky, University of Cambridge

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