Studio 1

Studio 1 is our main recital hall, used for teaching, ensemble rehearsal and concert presentation. The space hosts professional concert series events, along with lunchtime and afternoon concerts every week during teaching semesters. The space is equipped with performance lighting, sound reproduction equipment and a Steinway concert grand piano.

The recital hall is also linked to the Studio 1 recording control room. Instrumental recordings by our Tonmeister Sound Recording students provides an opportunity for Music students to create first-rate professional recordings in Studio 1.

Teaching spaces

Lecture rooms are equipped for music teaching, with good quality audio playback and pianos.

Lecture rooms are also available for large ensemble rehearsals when not in use for teaching.

Instrumental practice rooms

The Music Department has a series of instrumental practice rooms for both acoustic and amplified instruments. These include spaces suitable for singers, drum kit practice, pianists and percussionists.

Our practice rooms are equipped with Yamaha U3 pianos or pianos by Steinway.

Edit rooms

Soundproof edit rooms are provided for composition and Creative Music Technology students. The rooms have been designed and constructed to the highest acoustic standards to provide ideal work environments for digital audio workstation use and post-production for audio and audio for screen projects.

Edit Room 2 has an attached vocal recording booth.


The Music Department has collection of orchestral percussion instruments and facilities for xylophone, marimba and vibraphone practice.

Piano rooms

Some of our practice rooms are equipped with Steinway instruments for students wishing to specialise in piano studies.

Silent band practice equipment

In addition to rehearsal spaces for amplified bands, the Music Department has facilities for Silent Band practice.

This equipment allows bands to practice with headphones using guitars, bass and drums, without creating high sound levels. The silent practice equipment allows each band member to control their own listening levels and instrumental mix.

Band gear and amplification

Professional quality amplifiers and band equipment are available within the Department for rehearsal, performance or recording.

A portable Meyer UPJ-based PA system is also available for amplified performances.

Personal instrument lockers

We provide generous instrumental storage within the Department for students own musical instruments. Instruments can be close to hand and stored securely on campus while Music students attend lectures and seminars.

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