Department of Physics

The Neutron Dripline from the Outside

Date • Time

Tuesday, August 29, 2017 - 14:00


30 BB 03


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Open to: Staff

Speaker: Miguel Marques (LPC Caen, France)

The Radioactive Isotope Beam Factory (RIBF) at RIKEN, Tokyo, has become the world's most powerful machine for the production of exotic nuclei.

At intermediate masses, it is pushing the frontier of existence towards areas until now inaccessible, and below Fluorine it is leading us well beyond. We will see how the first SAMURAI campaign has mapped both sides of the neutron dripline from Beryllium to Oxygen, present some very exotic preliminary results (like the formation of 21B, 25N or 26O), and discuss the improvements of the setup that will lead us soon to measure 28O, 7H and the tetra-neutron.

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