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Discover how we work with schools – from primary through to sixth form – to provide lectures and hands-on workshops, both at your school and on the University of Surrey campus. 

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The Department of Physics can organise a number of different activities for primary schools, including workshops in your classroom or school hall and trips to our campus.

Physicist of the year

The Schools Physicist of the Year Award 2018 celebrates the talent of exceptional students studying Physics in all of the local area’s schools.

Science fairs

If you are organising a science fair we can bring a number of hands-on experiments to run on a stand. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.


Physics at university taster day

Our Physics at university taster days are designed to give students a taste of studying physics at the University of Surrey. The day will include a lecture from one of our academics and a two-hour practical in our undergraduate labs, as well as information about studying physics at university, lunch and a campus tour. This event normally runs during the summer months. 

Nuclear physics masterclass

Our Nuclear Physics Masterclass aims to give students an insight into nuclear physics through a variety of activities during this one-day event.

The day will include practical experiments in our radiation teaching labs, talks and workshops from our researchers and a lecture on a nuclear physics topic. 

This event is aimed at Year 12 students and each school can bring up to five students.

School lab visits

There is an opportunity to use our undergraduate teaching labs on Wednesday afternoons during the academic year. Students can complete first-year undergraduate-level experiments with the assistance of their teacher and a student demonstrator.

This is a flexible event and can be tailored to suit your requirements, with a range of practical experiments available for students to complete. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

What is physics?

Aimed at students who have just started (or are just about to start) their GCSEs, this half-day activity is held on campus and includes an inspiring short talk, exciting hands-on activities and a quiz with fantastic prizes!


In association with the South East Physics network (SEPnet), we run a series of GCSE workshops where we bring an exciting variety of equipment to your school to use in demos and hands-on activities.

Each workshop fits into an hour-long lesson slot, with the exception of 'Rollercoaster physics', which requires at least two hours (see below for details).

Workshops are held at your school and can be booked any time.

Investigating spectra

Students will learn about the difference between absorption and emission spectra and how these can be used to identify different elements. They will then identify elements in different lamps using the spectra. They will also get the chance to build a simple spectroscope.

A walk through the electromagnetic spectrum

In this session, students will look at the different parts of the electromagnetic spectrum and what their uses are in medicine, communications and more. 

Medical physics

Students will investigate different methods of medical imaging, including X-ray, PET and ultrasound, through various hands-on experiments. The workshop also covers other diagnostic and treatment techniques such as radiotherapy.


This is an exciting, live-action lecture all about particle physics. Through a series of hands-on demostrations you'll learn how to drive a particle accelerator.


In this workshop students will learn about the physics of light and photography and will have the opportunity to create their own light drawing images.

What is physics? (taster session)

Aimed at students who have just started (or are just about to start) their GCSEs, this half-day activity is held on campus and includes an inspiring short talk, exciting hands-on activities and a quiz with fantastic prizes!

The GCSE taster sessions normally take place in July each year.

Balloon rockets

Pupils learn all about how rockets go up in to space before making their own rocket powered by a balloon. They are also introduced to ideas about experimenting and improving on their designs. This workshop takes one hour and can take place in a classroom.

Particle Physics 

A half day workshop for 30 maximum primary or low-secondary school students is available on request at your school. The workshop includes: Interactive talks and demos on the research that is carried out at CERN. As well as the atomic and sub-atomic structure of matter and the families of particles in the standard model is a fun and hands on way that they can understand. Students get the chance to design and make a model of a subatomic particle using simple materials e.g. plastic balls, Plasticine and decorations. And/or write a story about how these particles interact.

Our Solar System and beyond

A half day workshop for primary school students. This covers a journey through the solar system. A chance to design there own using play do, mounted on large boards. Some interesting new discoveries in astronomy, as well as a chance to ask as many space based questions as they can think of. Plus space based quizzes and games, or even rocket building.

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