Nuclear Metrology

Dates 11-15 March 2019 (TBC)

This course provides an introduction to nuclear metrology. It is taught by experts from the National Physical Laboratory.

Course overview

To provide an understanding of nuclear metrology for applications in the nuclear industry, environmental monitoring and nuclear medicine.

Learning outcomes

After completing this module, the student should be able to:  

  • Gain an understanding of the basic concepts of nuclear metrology
  • Be able to discuss and assess the importance of calibrations standards, quality assurance and uncertainties
  • Be able to discuss problems inherent to nuclear forensic and nuclear dating
  • Be able to discuss how to demonstrate that measurements of radioactivity are accurate and follow national standards

Personal and key skills

  • Ability to discuss the problems inherent in nuclear metrology.

Discipline specific skills

  • Ability to discuss the problems inherent in nuclear metrology. 

The lecturers

  • P Ivanov
  • A Pearce
  • Dr G Lorusso/S Collins
  • S Jerome
  • At NPL/subject to H&S arrangements
  • Prof PH Regan.


Lecturer Title Lecture Hours
Dr S Jerome Introduction to radiation metrology
Calibration standards
Quality assurance
P Ivanov



A Pearce 

Primary standards
Reference materials

Dr G Lorusso/S Collins S Jerome 

Nuclear data: 

  • Why is important? 
  • How to measure? 
  • Where to get data from?

Nuclear forensics 

At NPL/subject to H&S arrangements Labs

Radiochemical separation (3h)

Liquid scintillation counter (3h)

Source preparation (3h)

Prof PH Regan: Alternative to Labs  Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORM) 9

Indicative timetable for guidance only

Please note that this syllabus can be changed at the University of Surrey's discretion.

21 hours lectures + 9 hours labs:

Monday  -Wednesday

09:00-13:00 lectures

14:00-17:00 lectures


Venue for Labs: National Physical Laboratory in Teddington (tbc)


Lectures: 10am - 13:00 with break then 14:00-17:00 0 

Test 16:00-17:00


Topics to follow


Further information

Reading list

Radiation detection and measurement - Knoll, Glenn F. c2010


This is a week long course, from Monday 11 - Friday 15 March 2019, these dates are to be confirmed.


Price per person, including lunch, refreshments and printed course notes:

  • £1250 - Early bird rate
  • £1350 - Standard rate.

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