In the media

Members of the group have been interviewed about their research for articles in publications such as The GuardianStylist Magazine and Mente & Cervello (Mind and Brain, Italy).

Alexandra Grandison was interviewed for an article on the work of Baby Labs across the UK: The vision thing: How babies colour in the world, the Guardian, 11th April 2017

Alexandra was also interviewed for the Guardian’s award winning science podcast “Science Weekly”, as a contributor to an episode exploring the development of colour vision in human babies and the neuroscience and psychology that underpins it:

She has also recently contributed to a Guardian virtual reality project charting the first year of life:

And to two television programmes featuring research conducted at the Surrey Baby Lab:

Harriet Tenenbaum was interviewed by theTimesTime magazine, the Daily Mail, and the New York Times for her work on emotion and gender with Dr Ana Aznar.

Press release: Mothers nurture emotions in girls over boys, new study finds

A new study published today in The British Journal of Developmental Psychology has found that conversations mothers have with their daughters tend to contain more emotional words and content, than the conversations they have with their sons.

Chris Askew was interviewed for BBC focus magazine: How children "catch" fear,  2nd October 2013 

Naomi Winstone has written invited articles for the BBC and the Times Higher:

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