Azlin Sharine Abdul Latef

BSc (Hons) Multimedia Technology (Universiti Malaysia Sabah), MCS Multimedia (University of Malaya)

Enjoying the social services, Azlin has been involved with various community services in rural areas since completing her undergrad. Active participation in social activities continued even when she had started her working life. She has attended the Social Enterprise for Economic Development (SEED) which is under the Asean Learning Network Council (ALNC) in 2010 and she was selected to be a mentor in National Blue Ocean Strategy 4, one of the initiatives adopted by the Malaysia Government to lessen the gap between the rural and urban.

As a Multimedia graduate, Azlin is interested in designing and proposing multimedia applications that suit the needs of the user. She believes understanding and applying the human-computer interaction principles and methodologies is the key to design success. Working in an academic sector, Azlin is really keen to develop something that can contribute to the academic field as well as the community.

She proposed food analysis based on image processing techniques for her master dissertation in University of Malaya, aiming to help the community to control their weight with an alternative method which can monitor an individual’s food intake by capturing food images.

Azlin is currently pursuing her PhD in Creative M-Learning Technology for Rural Malaysia, aiming to explore the potential of new digital media content and mobile technology to support learning in rural Malaysia. By understanding the rural community through the field trip (questionnaire, interviews and observations), this qualitative research study also aims to develop high value application for the context and contribute lessons to theory and practise in multimedia technology design, human-computer interaction, and ICT4D.


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