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Jane Vincent

Jane Vincent PhD FRSA is a freelance academic researcher and industry practitioner as well as guest teacher in the Department of Media and Communications at the London School of Economics and Political Science, and an associate of NuMe, Laboratory of New Media University of Udine, Italy.

Jane has published widely on the topic of the social practices of information and communication technology users and her academic career builds on over two decades of senior industry involvement in the development and implementation of digital mobile communications in Europe.

Jane researches the social practices and behaviours of information and communication technology users throughout the lifecourse of both the technologies and the users and is author of seminal articles on emotions and mobile phones.  She recently completed a two year study with the LSE as Senior Research Fellow working with colleagues on the Net Children Go Mobile and EU Kids Online projects examining the safe use of the internet by children and Her present research interests include electronic emotions and ICTs, cross cultural analysis of writing and reading on paper and digitally, smartphone culture and social robots from a human perspective. She a UK representative on COST Action IS1402 ‘Ageism – a multinational interdisciplinary perspective’

Jane is a reviewer and editor with numerous leading international journals and publishers and she presents at academic and industry conferences. A founding member of the GSM community she has been an awards judge for the Global Mobile Awards since 2004.

Jane Vincent:

Selected Publications

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