Previous staff

Jane Vincent

Visiting Fellow 2007-16, Reading & writing with paper and screen, Teen use of mobiles, Social shaping of 3G


Risto Sarvas

Visiting Fellow 2009


Janko Calic

Deputy Director 2010-2015, Com-Note, Light Tags, Com-Cam, Storytelling for Development, Photo streams, Tabletop collaboration


Kristina Langhein

Centre Coordinator 2008-2014, Big Society Research, University of the Village, LUCID


Jocelyn Spence

Storytelling for Development, Re-Draw


Jo Hope

Light Tags


Haiyue Yuan



Tara Knights



Phil Ely

Interactive newsprint


Helen Moore

Interactive newsprint


Clare Sumpner

Interactive newsprint


Kristen Eglinton

Community generated media for the next billion


Chris Lim



Sarah Woods



Diogo Casanova

Tailoring Technology


Alicia Blum-Ross



Katie Smith



Dorothy Rachovides



Steve Wall

Forgotten images


Victoria Land

Cross-media communication


Gerard Oleksik

Sonic interventions


PhD Graduates


Sam Zargham

I-Lab CVSSP | DWRC  - Photo streams


Dr Jocelyn Spence

Arts | DWRC - Performative experience design

Dr Connie Golsteijn

Sociology | DWRC - Materialising media

Dr Philip Ely

Sociology | DWRC - Digital DIY

Dr Ali Al-Azzawi

DWRC |  Psychology - Personal construct approach to user experience

Dr Abigail Durrant

Psychology | DWRC - Intergenerational home photo display

Dr Christine Rivers

CCSR | DWRC - Tabletop collaboration

Sandeep Chandra Ashwath

Sociology | DWRC - Mythical storytelling in India



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