Wednesday 14th October 2015

Welcome to three new PhD students

Two new and one existing PhD student have joined Digital World this academic year. The new students are Aadil Alshammiri who is starting a project on 'Social TV for older people' with David Frohlich and Miroslaw Bober, and John Mills who is investigating 'New media innovation in the publishing industry' with David Frohlich and Alan Brown. David is also taking over co-supervision of Chris Baume's PhD on 'Visualisation in audio production with Mark Plumbley. Further details will be up soon on these People and PhD Projects on the corresponding webpages. 


September 2015

Light Tags and Storytelling for Development project completion

Two funded projects closed over the summer of 2015 with a number of activities by corresponding project staff.  


As an output of the Light Tags project, David Frohlich, Janko Calic, Radu Sporea and Matthew Sansom demonstrated several audio-augmented photobooks in two exhibitions.  One was in the Lewis Elton gallery in an exhibition entitled 'Fast design, slow innovation: Audiophotography ten years on', between 17th June and 8th July.  This was co-curated by David and Matthew.  The other exhibition was called 'Paper evolutions: Exploring digital and physical paper futures' at the IARIGAI 2015 conference on Advances in Printing and Media Technology in Helsinki on 9th September. More details of the photobooks can be found here.


The Storytelling for Development project closed with a reflective workshop for the project team and a community exhibition of stories in London on 29th July 2015. David Frohlich and Jocelyn Spence also gave a number of talks on the project over its duration at the Care for the Future/Labex conference at the Royal Society in London on 22nd-23rd April 2015 (David), the DS9 Digital Storytelling Festival in Cardiff 24-25th April 2015 (Jocelyn), and the Citizen-D Conference in Leeds on 11th September 2015 (David).


Monday 18th May 2015

Trust me I’m a doctor















 Two Digital World PhD students celebrated their new status as Doctors of Philosophy at the FAHS postgraduate degree ceremony on the 16th April 2015. Both started and finished on the same day, and shared room 28AD04 throughout. 


Connie Golsteijn was co-supervised by David Frohlich, Elise van den Hoven (Technical Universities of Eindhoven and Sydney) and Abigail Sellen (Microsoft Research Cambridge). Her Microsoft-funded PhD explored new possibilities for ‘materialising media’ and resulted in a thesis entitled ‘Hybrid craft: Towards an integrated physical-digital craft practice’. 

LINK TO HERE - http://www.surrey.ac.uk/dwrc/phd-projects/materialising-media/index.htm

Connie is now a Research Associate in University College London Interaction Centre, and the Intel Collaborative Research Institute (ICRI) for Sustainable, Collaborative Cities. 

LINK TO HERE - http://www.cities.io/project/connie-golsteijn/















 Jocelyn Spence was co-supervised by Stuart Andrews and David Frohlich. Her self-funded PhD explored forms of live digital storytelling informed by performance theory and practice. This resulted in the definition of a new form of user experience design in a thesis entitled ‘Performative experience design: Theories and practices for intermediate autobiographical storytelling'. LINK TO HERE - http://www.surrey.ac.uk/dwrc/phd-projects/live-digital-storytelling/index.htm

Jocelyn is now Research Associate at Digital World on the Storytelling for Development project. 

LINK TO HERE - http://www.surrey.ac.uk/dwrc/projects/storytelling-development/index.htm


Family and friends attended the ceremony and Kristina Langhein returned to join us for the celebrations (and take the pictures!). In time-honoured tradition, Kristina also made Connie and Jocelyn their 'Trust me I'm a doctor' T-Shirts. Like friendship bracelets, these hybrid craft items are likely to be cherished for many years to come. 


Thursday 26th - Friday 27th March 2015

Interactive newsprint presentation in Zagreb

David Frohlich presented findings from the Interactive Newsprint project on the 27th March in Zagreb, Croatia. This was part of an EU COST FP1104 network on ‘New possibilities for print media and packaging: Combining print and digital

Jane Vincent from Digital World also presented data from a new cross-cultural study of reading and writing behaviour that she has been leading from within Workgroup 1 of this network


Monday 2nd - Wednesday 4th March 2015

Cultural heritage and rapid urbanisation in India

David Frohlich attended a workshop on the above topic, funded by AHRC and the Indian Council for Historical Research (ICHR). This was part of an RCUK initiative to connect UK and Indian scholars in this area, with a view to encouraging future networking and projects under the Newton Fund.  The group of about 40 people debated issues in the area, 2nd-4th March, in Delhi, India: 

More information on the workshop is here 


Monday 9th February 2015

Digital creative economy meetings

Mark Plumbley, Tony Myatt, David Frohlich and Alan Brown were successful in securing cross-faculty (XAPP) funds to host an internal and external meeting on the 'Digital creative economy’. These aim to bring together Surrey researchers on digital media and connect them with key companies in the creative industries, for future networking and bids. This activity is complementary to the planned “STAGE” Research Sandpit with the games and entertainment industry.


Tuesday 8 July 2014

Digital World teams up with the Advanced Technology Institute


Four of the Light Tags team at the end of a kick-off meeting at Swansea University, 2-3 July 2014
(from left: Laurent Sam, David Frohlich, Radu Sporea & Simon Hamblyn)

A new project called Light Tags was launched this week (commencing 1 July 2014), funded by the EPSRC Impact Acceleration Account at Surrey. This was awarded to Professor David Frohlich of the Digital World Research Centre and Dr Radu Sporea of the Advanced Technology Institute to develop a joint invention in printed electronics. The invention concerns the printing of paper documents with associated sound, using a new technique for identifying hand and finger movements as the document is read. The project is founded on work started on the Interactive Newsprint project at Digital World and the Universities of Central Lancashire and Dundee, which developed an interactive newspaper that could be read with wireless headphones. Matched funds are provided by an Academic Expertise for Business grant to Prof Tim Claypole at the Welsh Centre for Printing and Coating (WCPC) at Swansea University. WCPC are providing advanced printing facilities and expertise, together with access to a number of printing and publishing companies who could be customers for the technology. Laurent Sam at Surrey and Simon Hamblyn at Swansea are the Research Associates on the project which runs from nine months from July 2014.


Tuesday 8 July 2014

Digital World and CVSSP release new app for musicians


Digital World Research Centre has released a new open source app for musicians, in a collaboration with the Centre for Vision, Speech and Signal Processing (CVSSP). Com-Note is a “Composer’s Notebook” that allows composers and performers to exchange musical scores, recordings and ideas in the composition of new musical works. It can be downloaded from the Google App Store on any Android phone.

The Com-Note project was funded by the EPSRC MILES project, as one of a series of interdisciplinary activities around the University of Surrey. This one brought together David Frohlich and Tom Armstrong from the media and music parts of the School of Arts, and Janko Calic from CVSSP. The project tested the use of an existing digital storytelling app called Com-Phone, released on a previous Digital World project – The Digital Economy Toolkit.

Here Com-Phone was used in the composition of a new work for trumpet and string quartet by Tom Armstrong in collaboration with Simon Debrulais and the Ligeti Quartet. This was based on a hunch that the exchange of multimedia narratives in pictures and sound would be useful in sharing musical ideas at a distance. In fact, the approach allowed the performers more influence over the final piece and was also useful for documenting creative practice by the individual musicians. Improvements to Com-Phone were implemented by Haiyue Yuan and and Janko Calic; resulting in a new digital storytelling tool for this context. Com-Note allows a single narrative to be collaboratively constructed across a number of phones, and voice commentary to be made as musical recordings are replayed. The findings of the research will be presented by David Frohlich at the forthcoming Digital Research in the Arts & Humanities 2014 Conference at the University of Greenwich in August. 

The project reflects a new direction for research at Digital World, which is now part of the School of Arts. Future projects will explore the role of digital technology in the arts, connecting with the new BA degree in Digital Media Arts about to launch in October 2014. Janko Calic’s expertise in media technology is important to this direction, and Janko is now Deputy Director of Digital World and a bridge to the broader CVSSP programme.


Tuesday 29 April 2014

David Frohlich gave two invited talks on photography and augmented paper.

'Re-inventing the family album’ described the birth, life and possible re-birth of the domestic photograph album in social practices and new technology. This was presented at a symposium organised by the Photographic History Research Centre at De Montford University, entitled ‘Analogue Photography in the New Media Age’.


Tuesday 13 May 2014

‘Design principles for interactive newsprint’ reported findings from the evaluation of four versions of a talking printed newspaper, varying in design conventions inherited from paper or the web. This was presented to an Advanced Printing Network (APN) Workshop on ‘Cross media integration’ organised by Swansea University.


Wednesday 22 January 2014

DWRChristmas Dinner at Haiyue Yuan's* GUO Noodle Bar

*Haiyue Yuan, former PhD student of Janko Calic and responsible for building the Com-Note App.


Monday 23 September 2013

David Frohlich is a Keynote speaker at the DeSForm Conference being held in the Wuxi Museum of Chinese Calligraphy and Paintings, China.


Wednesday 6 March 2013

Connie Golsteijn, our International Star!


7-10 February 2013, New Delhi, India

Community Media toolkit at Unbox

David Frohlich attended the Unbox Festival in New Delhi recently to participate in three UK contributions relating to the Bespoke, Interactive Newsprint and Community Generated Media Projects. 

In an outdoor sunset presentation, David introduced the Com-Me Community media toolkit, and also exhibited Com-Cam on the veranda of the Unbox house. Com-Cam was created out of a partnership between the DWRC team and Justin Marshall and Adam Stringer at Falmouth University. It allows multimedia stories created on a mobile phone to be shown quickly on old analogue television sets. The device, costing under £15, acts like an overhead projector for a TV and also supports the sharing of documents and objects in small group or classroom settings. It is now part of an open source toolkit of parts, and can be freely copied using maker instructions on the website: http://digitaleconomytoolkit.org/com-cam/

The Unbox Festival celebrates interdisciplinary processes and experiences that shape contemporary thought and action. Unbox is a response to the emergence of a new subculture: one that straddles the spirit of innovation, is fostered by an enterprising spirit, and invites the engagement of all senses. UnBox manifests itself as a blend of different events - including a conference, workshops, exhibitions and performances - designed in sync with one another, to stimulate thought, debate and action.



Tuesday 22 January 2013

Interactive Newsprint has been chosen by Netexplo as one of the emerging new digital innovations of 2013

The Netexplo 100 : The most promising uses of digital technology

Every year the Netexplo global observatory of digital innovations identifies the latest and most promising projects and experiments on every continent through its international network of more than 200 spotters. This initial material, comprised of several hundred projects, companies and technologies, is then analyzed in greater depth. A college of international experts next selects the 100 most interesting cases, forming the annual Netexplo 100.

Finally, a jury comprised of independent personalities from the academic world, research and international organisations elect the Grand Prix from those 10 award winners. The Grand Prix trophy is announced and given out at the Netexplo Forum.

From new uses of the Web to groundbreaking technologies from research labs, as well as associations, NGOs or businesses that are transforming markets, every aspect of the ongoing digital revolution is covered. That’s why research that is still at the lab stage but has positive potential impact on lifestyles or an application that is already available can generate the same interest. Similarly, the Netexplo 100 lists futuristic applications on the verge of science-fiction alongside original, low-tech innovations using widely available technologies that deliver a socially useful function to a given audience.

More information on the project Interactive Newsprint.


Thursday 25 October 2012

Interactive newsprint wins Digital Economy prize

The Interactive newsprint project was one of three winners of the RCUK Digital Economy’s ‘Telling tales of Engagement’ competition. The winners were announced at the Digital Futures 2012 Conference in Aberdeen. The £10k prize is awarded to projects that “demonstrate impact across a number of areas business sectors, government and society”, RCUK Digital Economy Transforming Business and Society.


Monday 15 October 2012

Professor David Frohlich + Dr Phil Ely take Helsinki by storm

Cost European cooperation in Science and Technology

FPS COST Action FP1104 New possibilities for print media and packaging - combining print with digital

The goal of this Action is to promote discussion on the benefits that may be achieved from novel combinations of print and digital. It will also be used to enhance innovations that will make use of the benefits of both print and electronic media as well as innovations where print and electronic media are combined. Several examples exist where successful combinations have been achieved e.g. through the use of image recognition, augmented reality or printed electronics to bring interactivity into fiber based products. To give the forest industry a competitive edge this Action will focus on new innovations by combining knowledge of the end users with most recent technological achievements. New models of ongoing change in social interaction and in the cultural products of paper and electronic media will be elaborated and proposed. The results will promote critical and theoretical discussion on the changing meanings of contemporary media culture. The Action will explore new business opportunities for the fiber based products and the value chains of print media and packaging through novel, innovative uses. It will also serve as a channel for communication between industry and academia, thus contributing to the development of new commercial applications.


New year new move: DWRC moves to the School of Arts

The Digital World Research Centre became part of the School of Arts on 1 September 2012. The Centre will remain in its current location on the fourth floor of the AD building, but the institutional reorganization allows for closer congruence between DWRC and the Arts portfolio, as the School of Arts strengthens and develops its work across digital media.

Professor David Frohlich continues as Director of the DWRC, which will be open to other academics and postgraduate students and act as a catalyst for interdisciplinary work in the Digital Arts area. David will also take on the role of Director of International Engagement for School of Arts.

The move will amplify an emerging research focus at Digital World on community media and digital storytelling, whilst opening up new opportunities for research and innovation on other creative media.

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