Dr Kristen Eglinton

PhD Social and Educational Research (University of Cambridge); MA (Hons) Visual Culture and Art Education; BA (Hons) Fine Art, Multi-media/sculpture

Kristen was appointed as a research fellow in August 2010 on the Community-Generated Media project . Kristen is an applied visual ethnographer and qualitative researcher; areas of focus include youth identities (sexualities, gender, race), visual material culture, educational exclusions, human geography, and innovative, often visual, methodologies for community and youth development. Her doctoral research used multi-sited participatory ethnography to understand how young people living in two disparate parts of the world (New York City and a rural Canadian sub-Arctic town), used visual material culture in their everyday lives. Since finishing her doctorate in 2009, Kristen has been developing and/or carrying-out several projects featuring the use of participatory digital media including one focusing on Indigenous identities and community development in rural sub/Arctic Canada and the circumpolar North, and another on youth homelessness in transnational contexts.

Kristen is also a founding member of the nonprofit organisation Footage. Founded by four colleagues at University of Cambridge (UK), each from a different country (representing Chile, Jordan, Ukraine, USA/UK), with an expansive network of affiliated institutions, and colleagues in Mexico, Greece, India, and South Africa. The focus is social and educational research primarily with economically marginalised or otherwise disenfranchised youth, and often with methods eliciting youth voice.

k.eglinton@surrey.ac.uk | k.eglinton@cantab.net

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