Employer terms and conditions

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Summer Recruitment Fair

Attendance fee £450 + VAT

Autumn Careers and Placements Fair

Attendance fee £495 + VAT

For cancellation fees, please see below.

Drop in stand

Attendance fee £250 + VAT

Skills workshops and panel events

No administration charges

Items for delivery

  • Deliveries of packages and parcels can only be accepted on the day of an event unless there are exceptional circumstances and then only by special arrangement with the event organiser
  • The Careers Service cannot accept responsibility for items left on site overnight.

Cancellation charges

Autumn Careers and Placements Fair, Summer Recruitment Fair, and Nursing Fair

  • Within 3 months of the fair - 50% of the fee
  • Within 2 months of the fair - 100% of the fee unless the place can be filled from our waiting list. Then 50% costs will be incurred.
  • Within 1 month of the fair - 100%

Part Time Work Fair, Technology Fair, Internships and Work Experience Fair, and Law Fair

  • There is currently no charge for attending these fairs.