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How many modules may I take per year?

You may take one module per year. Learning a language requires considerable time and effort.

Please note that you may enrol for additional modules on the English Language Support Programme.

What happens if I miss a class?

Regular attendance is essential. If you miss more than three classes in a semester you will  be withdrawn from the course. This may result in a fail mark on your transcript unless you can provide evidence of extenuating circumstances. 

What happens if I fail a module?
If you are an undergraduate student, you will be registered for your language module on SITS (the University’s student registration system). This ensures that your results are recorded on your transcript at the end of the academic year. If you fail a module, the fail mark will be recorded on your transcript. You may re-sit the module the following academic year, please note that attendance is compulsory and you will need to register on the module again, specifying you wish to re-sit.
Who do I inform if I have special needs or require additional time to complete tests?

 If you require special arrangements for examinations, please get in touch with the Additional Learning Support team. If your application with ALS is successful, please inform us at so we can make the necessary arrangements for GGA testing.

Are the language modules open to postgraduate students?

Yes. All modules are open to postgraduate students but not as credit-bearing options. You are expected to complete assignments and take the tests and will receive a certificate listing your grade on successful completion of the module.

My application is 'pending'. What does that mean?

It means that either we haven't had a chance to process applications for your class or that the class is full but we don't want to reject you as a place may become available if somebody drops out. If you do not wish to remain on the waiting list, please cancel your application.

What are the chances of getting a place on the module of my choice?

We offer a considerable number of classes throughout the week, with parallel courses available for most languages. However, it is not possible to guarantee every student a place in the module of their choice. We will inform you by email whether you have been successful in securing a place. You can only take one course per year, but can initially apply for two courses, indicating 1st and 2nd choice. (Please note that it will not always be possible to secure a place on the preferred course.) 

Places are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis but please note that you cannot apply until you have your URN and can log in to your university e-mail account.

Please note that classes only run if a sufficient number of students enrol.

Is English one of the Global Graduate Award languages?

No, English is not part of the Languages offered on the Global Graduate Award, but is part of the English Language Support Programme.

I applied several days ago. Why have I not heard from you?

Please be patient, we probably just have not yet been able to process applications for the class you applied for.

I've been rejected. Is there no chance of a place in a class?

.If you have been rejected on your 1st choice, we will try to give you a place on your 2nd choice. Please note that some courses are very popular and we might not be able to offer you a place this year. You may want to apply for a different language altogether or apply again for your original choice next academic year.

I don't have my timetable/URN yet. Can I still apply?

Please wait for your timetable. There is usually no undergraduate teaching on Wednesdays from 12 noon but check with your School/Department whether any other activities (e.g. lab sessions) are planned.

I am no longer free for my class at the time I applied for. What should I do?

You can withdraw from your GGA module up until the end of the second GGA teaching week (please refer to terms and conditions for exact date). If you are an undergraduate student and fail to withdrawn by then, the GGA module will remain on your transcript and a fail mark will be recorded. 

If you have a timetable clash in Semester 2, you will be transferred to another course where possible. (Please note that transfers will not always be possible. If there is no possibility for transfer, you will be withdrawn from the course, and no record of the course will appear on your transcript.).

How many hours of independent study should I set aside?

You should dedicate at least three hours a week to completing assignments and to independent study. Your tutor and the Language Study Area will be happy to advise you on resources available for self study.

How do I register?

Online Registration at

Are there any language learning facilities I can use outside contact hours?

Visit the Language Study Area on the 2nd floor of the Library and Learning Centre and make use of our language learning resources:

  • Satellite TV
  • Video and audio resources
  • Language learning computer software
  • Magazines, newspapers, films
What else can I do to support my language learning?

Join the University’s tandem learning network, LACES (Language and Culture Exchange Scheme).  Through this network, you can find a partner who speaks your target language and in return you can help them learn your first language.  Please check our website for details of how to join LACES.

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