How we support racial equality

We strive to create spaces for our staff and students to have professional, academic and personal support and there are a range of options to engage with this. These include well-being events, staff and student mentoring schemes, and social activities run throughout the academic year.


We also provide a range of online and face-to-face training for staff that covers unconscious bias in higher education. In collaboration with Advance HE, we have developed an 'Introduction to Race Equity' staff training module that focusses on race and racism in HE and is based on the experiences of staff and students at Surrey, acted by our Guildford School of Acting students. This eLearning training is part of our suite of essential training for staff and has received exceptional feedback from our community on its impact and upskilling of our staff and postgraduate research student population.

Mentoring schemes

Our mentoring schemes are designed to support students and staff in the career planning process and provide an insight into the professional and personal skills that may benefit their career progression.

We have two streams of mentoring:

  • Staff to student
  • Staff to staff
I went onto the scheme questioning what I had to offer, it was a great experience, my mentee was intelligent and articulate but didn’t realise he had so much potential and that’s what this programme is about . It’s about their journey to develop what was there all along. Serge McQuillen
Photo of Sergine McQuillen
Being part of the mentoring scheme was an insight into an industry different to mine. I worked with a mentor that was able to help me develop transferable skills by offering me insights into his own career and experiences. It was interesting working with someone who was the exact opposite of me - race, gender and age. I had my reservations at first but ultimately our differences are what offered me such a rich learning experience. I thoroughly enjoyed the scheme benefiting academically and personally from my journey. Sameera Sesay
Photo of Sameera Sesay - a black female student

University contacts

If you are a member of staff or student and want to find out about the work the university is doing to promote racial equality and connect with the staff and student communities, please do get in touch. 

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Dr Emily Williams

Director of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion; Associate Professor in Health Inequalities and Chronic Disease