Equality and Diversity Committees

The University has a number of committees with a remit to ensure effective policy development and progress on action plans. These committees meet regularly to push forward initiatives and deal with current issues. Their purpose is to improve the working environment for all staff and students, so that everyone can reach their full potential. 

The Equality and Diversity Committee (EDC) meets three times a year, usually March, July and November.
It is chaired by a Member of Council and the Chair of each Equality Working Group also sits on the EDC.
Membership is composed of approximately fifteen representatives across all services and functions, including Trade Union and Student Union representatives.

EDC terms of reference 

EDC TOR and Membership v 1.0 February 2017.doc


Surrey's Equality and Diversity Committee is committed to helping the University meet its strategic aims by championing equality, diversity and fulfilling our social justice responsibilities. The work of this Committee will be guided and informed by the University's belief and commitment to inclusiveness, participation, openness, and quality of provision.


It is recognised that access and treatment is not equal for everyone and that the University needs to be responsive to the differing needs of individuals. The purpose of this committee, therefore, is to raise awareness of equality and diversity issues, identify obstacles and problem areas, identify equality priorities and objectives, propose actions to meet these priorities and monitor progress. Its remit is both staff and students.

The EDC also oversees the University's progress on Surrey's Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy 2015-17.