Take a look at the programme details for Tuesday 15 September.

Programme details

Track A

09:00–11:05: Software security II, chaired by Fengwei Zhang

11:25–13:05: Machine learning security I, chaired by Leandros Maglaras

  • PrivColl: Practical Privacy-Preserving Collaborative Machine Learning
  • An Efficient 3-Party Framework for Privacy-Preserving Neural Network Inference
  • Deep Learning Side-Channel Analysis on Large-Scale Traces–A Case Study on a Polymorphic AES
  • Towards Poisoning the Neural Collaborative Filtering-Based Recommender Systems
    • Yihe Zhang, Jiadong Lou, Li Chen, Xu Yuan, Jin Li, Tom Johnsten and Nianfeng Tzeng
    • Abstract presentation
    • "Full presentation"

13:20–13:40: IBM lunch break talk

  • Title: Diffprivlib – A general-purpose library for experimenting, investigating and developing applications in differential privacy.
  • Presenter: Naoise Holohan - Research Staff Member, Privacy and Security at IBM Research

14:05–15:05Keynote II from Rebecca Wright, chaired by Ninghui Li

                    Full presentation

15:25–17:05: Machine learning security II, chaired by Frédéric Cuppens

Track B

09:00–11:05: Post-quantum cryptography, chaired by Dung Duong

11:25–13:05: Security analysis, chaired by David Gerault

15:25–17:05: Applied cryptography II, chaired by Kaitai Liang

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