Evening language classes

Frequently asked questions

Is the course for anyone?

Yes, our course is open to adult learners, as long as you’re over 17, you are welcome to join. There is no entry test but we recommend you come to one of our open evenings, check the course content and visit the languages and levels webpage before booking a course to make sure you register for the appropriate level.

Is every term the same?

No, every term is different and the content varies.  We have three consecutive terms, which focus on all four skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing).  To complete a full level, you need to attend all three consecutive terms.  

Is there an assessment by the end of the term?

No, we don’t have assessments by the end of the term.

Will I get a certificate by the end of the course?

Yes, certificates of attendance can be issued upon request (with a minimum of 75 per cent course attendance); please note the certificate is not a confirmation of your specific level. 

Can I join half way through? (Only a concern for beginners)

Students can join at the beginning of each term but please remember that the Winter term and Spring term are continuation of the Autumn term (except for the beginners intensive classes). If you are a complete beginner, we do not recommend you join after the start of the course, as it might be a bit difficult for you to catch up; however, if you have learnt the language before and are not a total beginner, you may join half way through. Please also look at the intensive beginners classes option as they start later in the year.

How to find my level?

We offer an Open Evening before each term starts, if you are not sure about your level, please do come to our Open Evening; you’ll be able to have a chat with our tutor and find out your suitable level.

If you can’t make it to the Open Evening, we can arrange a telephone assessment: one of our tutor will contact you and have a conversation so as to find your level.  If you are willing to do a telephone assessment, please leave your contact details (email, phone number) and time availability.

How many students do you take in a class?

The class size varies depending on the language and level studied, but we tend to have no more than 20 students per group.

Do you teach European Portuguese or Brazilian Portuguese?

The course book focuses on European Portuguese but our tutor will also occasionally bring Brazilian material and point out any difference in the variants during classes. Students will be exposed to both European and Brazilian Portuguese.  

Is it possible to get a visa by joining the course?

No, our course is only once or twice a week (1.5 hours or 3 hours); and does not lead to a qualification, we are thus unable to sponsor students for a visa.

Do you offer classes preparing for specific exams (e.g. CAE, DELE, DALF)

Unfortunately not, we don’t do offer training for specific exams.  However, if you are interested in taking the IELTS exam, please see our IELTS page.

The University of Surrey is an IELTS test centre and does offer IELTS training courses in addition to the test.

Do you offer concession prices for retired people, army and NHS?

Unfortunately we are only able to offer a reduced price to current university of Surrey staff and students.  Nevertheless, anyone enrolling for two or three terms gets a discount, please refer to our fees page for more information.

When shall I buy the course book?

We do not recommend you buy the course book before starting the course, in case you need to transfer to a different level.  Our tutor will bring copies for the first class and also let you know which course book to get and how to get it.