11.00AM - 4.00PM
Tuesday 22 May - Wednesday 23 May 2018

Sustainable Functional Materials 2018 (SFM 2018)

SFM2018 is a two-day conference to be held in May 2018 at the Grand Pier, Weston-Super-Mare. Organised by Robert Dorey at the University of Surrey and Ian Reaney at the University of Sheffield, the conference is supported by EPSRC projects MASSIVE and SUBST.

from £100.00 to £140.00

Grand Pier, Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset, UK.
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The conference is organised in conjunction with EPSRC-supported projects Manufacture of Safe and Sustainable Volatile Element Functional Materials (MASSIVE) and Substitution and Sustainability in Functional Materials and Devices (SUBST), and is co-chaired by Professor Robert Dorey (Department of Mechanical Engineering Sciences, University of Surrey) and Professor Ian M. Reaney (Department of Materials Science & Engineering, University of Sheffield). 

SFM2018 will focus on the issues around maintaining an environmentally friendly, sustainable and economically viable functional materials and device industry. The conference will be of interest both to academic researchers and to industrialists aiming to gain the perspective of industry concerning the materials substitution and sustainability issues likely to become critical over the next decade. Topics will include:

  • piezoelectrics

  • thermoelectrics

  • energy harvesting

  • functional properties and characterisation

  • devices

  • sustainability and risk

  • scale-up of processing and manufacturing techniques

We welcome contributed oral and poster presentations on the topics outlined above within the theme of the conference. Abstracts should be submitted to sfm2018@surrey.ac.uk using this SFM2018 abstract template (docx). Registration is £140 for academics and £100 for students. (This includes welcome reception, lunches and coffee breaks, accommodation is not included).

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For registration, abstract submission and further details of the programme, please go to the SFM2018 conference webpage or contact Lynn Boniface at sfm2018@surrey.ac.uk

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