9:45am - 4pm
Friday 15 June 2018

NVivo Advanced Training Workshop

This workshop is flexibly structured to discuss common challenges of working with NVivo 11 and aims to enable participants to move on with their analysis.

Department of Sociology, Stag Hill Campus, University of Surrey, Guildford, GU2 7XH
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This workshop is flexibly structured to discuss common challenges of working with NVivo 11 and aims to enable participants to move on with their analysis. It is designed for researchers who have previously attended an introductory training workshop in NVivo and/or who have been using the software for a real project for some time. Participants working with any version or edition of NVivo can attend this course.

The day comprises discussion, demonstration and hands-on sessions and combines group and individual work. We refresh straightforward uses of software tools and cover more sophisticated uses of tools as required.

Participants bring copies of their own NVivo projects to work with during the day and there will be an opportunity for each participant to talk with the tutor about their own work.

Participants are asked ahead of time for information about their progress with NVivo and the aspects for which they require support such that the workshop can be tailored specifically to the needs of those attending. The workshop is accompanied by relevant documentation, some of which will be provided ahead of time.

The course combines discussion, demonstration and hands-on work, including:

  • Analytic planning – ensuring analytic strategies drive the appropriate use of software tools
  • Guided instruction – step-by-step teaching in the operation of NVivo and the use of tools for analytic tasks
  • Individual support – time for participants to discuss their projects with the tutor

Course overview

Each course is designed around the needs of those attending – identified through a pre-course questionnaire – in order to ensure the support is tailored.

Common topics include:

  • ensuring classifications are set up efficiently
  • interrogating patterns using query tools
  • visualising and exporting data (using maps, charts, queries)

Learning outcomes

  • Know how to move on beyond initial tasks
  • Know how to use the software to accomplish analytic tasks
  • Know where to access relevant resources to support continued NVivo use

Course leader

Dr Christina Silver is the manager of the CAQDAS Networking Project and has been working with and teaching a range of CAQDAS packages, including NVivo, for many years. She is co-author with Ann Lewins of Using software in qualitative research: a step-by-step guide, and The Five-Level QDA method, with Nicholas Woolf.

Entry requirements

This workshop assumes participants have an NVivo project in progress and that they will bring it to work with during the day.

Minimum recommendations for NVivo 11 experience ahead of the workshop.

Each participant will have worked with NVivo 11 in different ways and at different levels. However, as this workshop is nor a repeat of the Introductory course, we do make some assumptions about your knowledge about and familiarity with NVivo. We would expect that everyone attending this workshop has the following experience with the software, as a minimum (most will have done a lot more):

  • that you have created a project, used folders in, for example, Sources and Nodes to create a basic framework for your project;
  • that you are familiar with navigating around the software using the main menu ribbons, the Navigation bar down the left of the screen, and through the right mouse click menus;
  • that you have experimented with importing data (although you may have some questions about the specifics of working with certain types of data, e.g. survey data, visual data, etc.);
  • that you have done at least some early coding work using nodes.

Please note: if you have not got experience with at least these areas you need to contact Dr Christina Silver before the workshop to discuss the appropriateness of your attending at this time. 

Level of study

  • Advanced (specialised prior knowledge)
  • Intermediate (some prior knowledge)


Varies according to status:

  • £195 - Government/commercial sector
  • £150 - Educational/charitable sector 
  • £110 - Students

What to bring on the day

  • An NVivo project, in version 11 format (let us know if you have been working on an earlier version of NVivo), on a memory stick or a laptop (laptop must have NVivo installed and in working order if you want to work on it during the day)
  • You may bring your own laptop to work on if you prefer


Tea and coffee will be provided during breaks (lunch is not provided).

Please be aware that you may be required to bring your own laptop with any specified software already installed.