9:30am - 4pm
Thursday 4 July 2019

Year 12 sociology taster day

Are you interested in the way society works? Do you wonder about how society is changing and about the significance of social identities (such as gender, social class and ethnicity)? You’ll explore these key themes and more on our sociology taster day.


University of Surrey
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  • This event is open to year 12 students only (on an individual basis). 
  • Please note that taster days and dates are subject to change. 

About the taster day

Are you interested in the way society works? This taster day provides an excellent insight into studying Sociology at degree level. With taster sessions on migration and families, you will gain an insight into these areas from experts within the field. These sessions are designed to be welcoming, engaging and interactive – they also draw upon cutting-edge scholarship.

The day begins with a welcome session introducing your student ambassadors and the day ahead. Next, the Programme Director for Sociology, Dr Vicki Harman, will provide an insight into to studying sociology at Surrey. This includes how the degree is structured, key modules and learning and teaching methods.

You’ll then have a taster session led by Dr Venetia Evergeti on the migration and the politics of movement. International migration has increasingly become a key focus of attention across a range of academic disciplines as well as for politicians, policy makers and the media. This session will explore the importance of migration and the various factors that might lead people to move across international boundaries. The session will begin with an examination of current migration categories and patterns. We will then consider the important issues migrants face and the relevant policies that governments create in order to tighten control on the entry of migrants. Finally, using particular case studies students will be encouraged to work together and create plans of the processes and experiences of migration.

After lunch and a campus tour, your next taster session will explore the changing nature of the family. Led by Dr Vicki Harman this session will begin by discussing the importance of families within sociology and beyond, before examining large-scale demographic trends. We then explore family practices – a concept centred not on family structure (e.g. nuclear family, lone parent family) but on what families do, using everyday examples such as parents making lunchboxes for their children. We will also consider some of the ways in which families display themselves to external audiences. You will also be introduced to changing parenting cultures and the notion of intensive mothering. Finally, you will be guided to generate your own questions about the changing nature of family life.

You’ll have plenty of opportunities to chat to our student ambassadors throughout the day to find out what studying Sociology at the University of Surrey is really like.

No prior knowledge of sociology is required. 

We accept: 

  • A-levels - you should be working between BBC - ABB level and may be required to be taking a particular subject at A-level.
  • International Baccalaureate (IB) - if you are studying IB, you should be working at around an overall score of 32 and may be required to be taking a particular subject. 
  • BTEC - we can accept BTEC qualifications. Depending on the course, these may need to be studied alongside a combination of A-Levels. 

If you have any questions about your qualifications and whether they meet taster day requirements, or if you are studying alternative qualifications please don't hesitate to contact us

Lunch is provided on every taster day and we endeavour to cater for students with a variety of dietary requirements. We will ask you for more information about any specific requirements you have prior to the taster day.

Travel bursaries may be available for eligible students. All applications will be assessed against our eligibility criteria.

You may need to take a day off school/college to attend a taster day. Usually, sixth form and college students have up to five days that they are able to take off to attend things like taster days, residential programmes and open days. Your teacher will be able to tell you the policy at your school. We are happy to confirm your attendance with your teacher after the taster day – they’ll just need to email us at tasters@surrey.ac.uk.

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Sociology taster day

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