12 noon - 3pm
Thursday 12 December 2019

MySurrey Hive hosts Diabetic Eye Screening with Surrey NHS

Do you have diabetes?

Diabetic eye screening is a free NHS test for people who have diabetes and are aged 12 and over.

Diabetic eye screening is important as it helps to prevent sight loss. As someone with diabetes, your eyes are at risk of damage from diabetic eye disease (diabetic retinopathy). Screening can detect this condition early before you notice any changes to your vision.


By putting drops in the eyes to make the pupils bigger, we can see any tiny changes before the eye sight has changed. Most people do not have signs of eye disease, which means an appointment only once a year, but if we see the blood vessel damage could cause blindness, we will ask a doctor at the hospital to look. There are treatments that can help.

Come along to The Hive to receive free advice and, if you want, a free eye screening test as part of the Surrey NHS Diabetic Eye Screening Programme.

What is diabetic eye screening?

  • Diabetic eye screening is a test to check for eye problems caused by diabetes.
  • Eye problems caused by diabetes are called diabetic retinopathy and can lead to sight loss if not found early.
  • The eye screening test can find problems before they affect your sight.
  • Pictures are taken of the back of your eyes to check for any changes.
  • If you have diabetes and you're aged 12 or over, you'll get a letter asking you to have your eyes checked at least once a year.

Before the test

  • Plan how you'll get to and from the test – do not drive, as your sight may be blurry for a few hours afterwards.
  • Bring all the glasses and contact lenses you wear, along with contact lens solution.
  • Perhaps bring sunglasses – everything can look very bright for a few hours after the test.
  • Eat and drink as normal

What happens during the test

  1. You'll be asked to read some letters on a chart first.
  2. Drops are then put in your eyes. These may sting for a few seconds. The drops make your sight blurry after about 15 minutes.
  3. When the drops start working, you'll be asked to look into a camera. The camera will not touch your eyes.
  4. Pictures are taken of the back of your eyes. There will be a bright flash when a picture is taken.

Your appointment will usually last about 30 minutes so make sure you allow enough time.


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