1pm - 8:15pm
Wednesday 11 March 2020

Perspectives on Musical Revision

The processes and products of musical revision offer fertile ground for scholarship. They may be covert or overt depending on the parties involved and their reasons. They can offer insights into musical creative processes, challenge notions of musical fixity and open debates around ideology and power. In this set of performances and papers staff from the University of Surrey, alongside guest artists, offer compositional and musicological responses to these topics and others, focusing on contemporary music, Austro-German repertoire, life writing, film and TV.


Studio One
Performing Arts Technology Studio (PATS)
University of Surrey
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Time Description
1pm Recital by Katalin Koltai (guitar)

Tom Armstrong - revision and reworking as compositional strategies

Jeremy Barham - between revision and arrangement: Mahler, Bach and Beethoven

4pm Break

John McGrath - transmedia motifs and revisionism in the work of David Lynch

Chris Wiley - revisionism in musical biography

6pm Drinks reception at Wates House
7:15pm Recital by Jane Chapman (harpsichord) and Sam Cave (electric guitar)
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