12 noon - 6pm
Wednesday 25 March 2020

The Rise of the Far Right in Platform Societies

Surrey Sociology's Digital Societies research group is proud to host this half-day conference on far right politics in platform societies.

The event features an opening plenary bringing together experts on online hate speech, extremism in platform societies and the Far Right. Plenary speakers include Shakuntala Banaji of the London School of Economics, Irene Zempi of Nottingham Trent University, Chris Allen of Leicester University.

Other speakers include – Jon Garland, Karen Bullock, Venetia Evergeti, Catherine Baker, Chris Till, Jakob Johannsen, Ashton Kingdon, Natalie Anne-Hall, Ilda Cuko, Yannick Veilleux-Lepage, Ozge Ozduzen.


Oak Suite
Oak House
University of Surrey

Full Conference Programme

1200-1300: Lunch

1300-1400: Opening Plenary
Chair: Jon Garland

Chris Allen: Pick’n’mix ideologies and direct messaging online: a deadly new combination for the extreme right wing

Shakuntala Banaji: Towards a demography of online hate: Typologies of disinformation and misinformation-forwarding on WhatsApp in India

Irene Zempi: The rise of the far right, the UK’s fastest‐growing terror threat, on social media


1400-1545: Panel 1
Chair: Emily Setty

Catherine Baker: Examining the construction of misogyny online: a case study of the “incel” subculture

Yannick Veilleux-Lepage: Hatred, She Wrote: An Analysis of the Extreme Right and Islamic State Women’s Only Forum

Chris Till: Digital propaganda and the mediated construction of reality through ‘reflexive control’

David Magalhães & Gustavo Bartz: Brazilian's Far Right Internet Activism: a text mining aproach using twitter

Jacob Johanssen: NoFap: A Struggle over Phallic Mastery

Karen Bullock and Jon Garland: ‘Sweet and Tender Hooligans? A
Preliminary Assessment of the Activities and Politics of the Democratic Football Lads’ Alliance


1545-1600: Tea and Coffee


1600-1730: Panel 2
Chair: Paul Hodkinson

Ashton Kingdon: It will be Alt-Right on the Night: Tactics, Takedowns, and Technology

Natalie-Anne Hall: Contested knowledge on Facebook: truth, trust and evidence among pro-Brexit Facebook users

Venetia Evergeti: The digital rise of Golden Dawn: the new online face of extreme right rhetoric in Greece and Europe

Ilda Cuko: Alt-Right Aesthetics: Exploring how far-right ideology is
rebranded in the age of social media

Ozge Ozduzen: Refugees Are Not Welcome’: Digital Racism and Othering of Syrians in Turkey


1730-1745: Closing and Goodbyes

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