10am - 11am BST
Wednesday 6 July 2022

Globalisation, De-Globalisation: how international trade shapes the economy and impacts our lives by Professor Juan Carluccio


Rik Medlik Building
University of Surrey
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In the next of our fascinating Inaugural Lectures, Professor Juan Carluccio from Surrey Business School, will discuss the effects of trade on the economy and in particular, on wages and prices. This event will be hosted by Professor Steve Wood, Dean of Surrey Business School.

Globalisation, in the form of an intensification of global production and trade linkages, has been increasing at light-speed since the early 90s, resulting in unprecedented productivity gains. However, during the past years, we have been witnessing trends favouring a reversal of such process, with growing anti-trade sentiment manifesting even before the Pandemic revealed the fragilities of the hyper-globalized system of production. How did such deep global economic integration shape the economy? How did it personally affect our lives as workers and consumers? Why words such as “reshoring”, “strategic autonomy”, being “great again” have invaded the public debate?

To provide answers to such questions, Professor Carluccio's Inaugural Lecture will discuss the effects that openness to trade has on the economy, and in particular on wages and prices. It will first provide a brief overview of the evolution of trade theory, highlighting the latest paradigm in which individual firms are placed at the centre of the analysis, to then present the findings of original research that fit into such firm-oriented framework. It will also discuss examples of how knowledge of trade theory and empirics can be put at the service of policy advisory. Through the combination of theory, empirics and practical case studies, the Lecture will attempt to convey the conception with which teaching will be approached in the Professorship.