12:30pm - 2:30pm

Wednesday 5 October 2022

Corporate Diplomacy: Building Stakeholder Engagement for the 21st Century


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The Corporate Diplomacy webinar focuses on developing the concept of ‘the manager as diplomat’ and brings the skills and experience of international diplomacy to bear on concepts in corporate management and business development.

  • How can corporate diplomacy – the art and science of building relationships with external stakeholders - help companies adopt a ‘diplomatic mindset’ in tackling geopolitical uncertainty?
  • How is the role of government relations evolving in multinationals and universities?
  • Does establishing the role of the Chief Diplomatic Officer on a board improve corporate governance and strengthen companies’ ability to survive in an increasingly uncertain world?
  • What skills are needed to assess political risk and incorporate political risk management into business strategies?
  • What is the role business schools can play in increasing company leaders’ awareness of their need for diplomatic skills in responding to geopolitical uncertainty?

The webinar brings together an exciting panel of speakers: